We’ve set up a special UPS account for Little League groups that offers a very deep discount on shipping. For example, a 20” x 20” x 20” box weighing 40 pounds would cost $25 to ship from Los Angeles to the PIFS warehouse located just outside of Philadelphia. You can pay online and print the shipping label.

Click here to go to UPS

Once on that page, follow these steps:

  1. Login (Contact us for username and password )
  2. Hit Shipping Tab
  3. Create a Shipment
  4. In the field that says “Where is the Shipment Going”, select My Profile Address under Address Book
  5. Ship From Address – click Edit. Enter your address. This is extremely important for pick up and shipping costs.
  6. Change contact name to Shipper Name
  7. What are you shipping
  8. Select number of packages
  9. Use the same values for all packages? If the boxes are all the same size, click Yes. If the boxes are different sizes, click No.
  10. If Yes, select Other Packaging, enter weight and dimensions
  11. If No, proceed to step 4.
  12. How would you like to ship: UPS Ground Service. Don’t worry about checking any of those boxes.
  13. Skip #5 – no reference numbers necessary
  14. Payment – Select Other Payment Card. Enter credit card information.
  15. Billing Address – fill in your billing address
  16. Would you like to schedule a pickup? You can do either, schedule a pick up or drop off at a local UPS store.
  17. Enter info. for packages – for each package, you’ll have to enter box dimensions and weight.
  18. Click Next
  19. On Review page, make sure info is correct and click Ship Now.
  20. Print labels.

If there is a large quantity of gear Pitch In For Softball could also receive larger donations on pallets if this is more economical. Contact (267) 263-4069 for recommendations of freight companies. All shipping costs are tax deductible.