The Pitch In For Softball model is simple. We gather new/gently used gear and monetary donations from communities across the United States and get it to boys and girls around the world who want to play ball but don’t have access to the proper equipment.

Once equipment is collected, it is dropped off or shipped to PIFS and that is where we take over. We inspect the items for safety, sort, and store them in our 3400 square foot warehouse. We distribute equipment grants to leagues, teams, schools, and organizations through 3 key programs:

  • Domestic and International Equipment Grants – Designed to help leagues, teams, and community organizations around the globe get the equipment needed to play baseball or softball. Grantees complete required annual reporting detailing the impact of our donation. PIFS averages about 200 projects each year. To apply, click here
  • School Based Program – Baseball/softball is a powerful youth development tool, contributing to academic success and improved attendance. PIFS has been partnering with schools and districts since 2008, helping to start, continue, or expand baseball and/or softball programs amidst growing budget deficits. Click here to learn more.
  • Disaster Relief Program – In times of tragedy, children are the most affected. Baseball can help to restore a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos. Over the years, we have helped dozens of communities around the globe including NY/NJ shoreline following Hurricane Sandy; Joplin, MO; the Gulf Coast region; and Japan. To learn more, click here

What can you do to help?

There are several ways you can help Pitch In For Softball...

Are you in need of equipment? Start your equipment application process here.