Simone Rivel

For her Bat Mitzvah project Simone chose to collect gear for PIFB out of her home state of New York. Her love of softball motivated her to choose PIFB to help more girls have a chance to play. She collected over 400 pieces of gear!

Olivia Malone & Morgan Magistro

New Jersey natives Olivia and Morgan focused on collecting uniforms for PIFB for their Girl Scout Silver Award. Both travel softball players, Olivia and Morgan had much success in their community collecting uniforms to donate.

Hannah Ptak

As a part of her high school project, Hannah’s love of softball motivated her to collect equipment on behalf of PIFB. Her collection brought in several hundred pieces of equipment to help more kids get on the field.

Julia Sinatra

Driven by her passion for softball, Julia chose to collect gear on behalf of PIFB. Julia says, "I hope to not only be giving equipment to someone who needs it but to also be giving passion, pride, and the love for a game that teaches character, self-respect, and friendship."

Moldovan Family

The Moldovan Family has supported PIFB by collecting gear since our inception. Each one of the three Moldovan kids have run a collection to support PIFB and they have had a significant impact on our organization.

What can you do to help?

There are several ways you can help Pitch In For Softball...

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